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Who We Are

After brainstorming about how they could share the success of their staffing software company with the local community, the founders of Avionte launched The Avionte Hope Foundation (AHF) with two main goals in mind. First, they wanted to positively impact the lives of individuals by helping them achieve long term life improvement, through financial and personal support. Second, they wanted to provide a conduit for employees at Avionte to become involved in charitable activities and to start making a difference.

To celebrate the foundation’s launch in January of 2012, each Avionte employee was given a $50 bill at the company year-end party and was told to use it to make a difference, in whichever way they would like. From there, inspiration took hold.

Through The Avionte Hope Foundation, Avionte Software and its employees have donated thousands of dollars to local charities and organizations and have become involved in various volunteer efforts. In 2012, Avionte and its employees have donated to and volunteered with organizations such as Feed My Starving Children, The Lincoln Place, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, St. Anne’s Place, The Boys and Girls Club, and more!

What have we done so far? Visit the Our Stories section of our website to read about what AHF has done.